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Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Program • Spring 2021 
GRAD LAB EVENT #4 - SITE/SPACE  - Feb 17, 2020 @ 8pm EST 

Grad Lab is a series of graduate experiments in theatre and new performance. For Grad Lab #4, we are exploring Site and Space... What is site? How do we create and hold space? What is the dramaturgy of the platforms and interfaces we use to gather, communicate, and tell stories online? What is the space we make and share there and what are the possibilities of story and action?

DEATH/PLAY- March 5th, 2021: 8pm, March 6th, 2021: 11am EST

Lead Artist Brennan Jones • Relationship between death and play. Child's play, role play, horseplay, edge play, a play, a player, play button; dating games, iPhone games, The Game, game theory, mind games; ego death, respawning, angel of death, brain dead, play dead, wall of death, sudden death. What is the relationship between death and play? 

Content Warnings: Violence, childhood trauma, sexual content, conversations surrounding death, screaming, suicide, sensory overload, drugs/alcohol 

THINK TANK - March 16th, 2021: 2:30pm-4:30pm EST

Berelle Katz Samuel Theatre Fund Residency Artist - 

GRAD LAB #5 - THE REAL  - March 17th, 2021: 8pm EST

Grad Lab is a series of graduate experiments in theatre and new performance. For Grad Lab #5, we are explore "The Real"

FIRST LOOK READING FESTIVAL - March 30th - April 2nd and April 7th - April 9th, 2021: 8pm EST

6 New Student Plays will be announced at the end of February 2021 for a premiere work-in-progress reading. First Look is an on-going reading series of new plays by SLC student playwrights.  Student-directed, each reading is followed by a faculty-led talkback.

THINK TANK - April 13th, 2021: 2:30pm-4:30pm EST

Think Tank is a program-wide convening of students, staff, and faculty, on pre-scheduled Tuesdays from 2:30-4:25 PM. We hold this time as an opportunity for our community to come together around important topics in the field. We will host student forums, guest artists, and panels to ideate around such topics as diversity, equity, justice, consent, care, social engagement, new forms, artistic practice, and the season.

GRADUATE MFA SOLO FESTIVAL - April 17th-April 25th 2021: 7:30pm EST

2nd year Graduate students present their thesis solos at the culmination of their 2 years studying at SLC.

 Mulligan - 8pm, May 8th, 2021: 11am EST

A series of new works by the SLCTheatre first-year MFA cohort featuring Emily Aviles, Ricky Brown, Michelles Cowles, Jennifer Davison, Jessica Davison, Leslie Huynh, Rachel (Rakele) Petite, Yuexing (Star) Sun, and Andrew Del Vecchio.. 

This You. This Me. This Us. This Breath. This Spark. This Vision. This Life. This Place. This Moment. This Pause. This Sky. This Light. This Landscape. This Story. This Poem. This Song. This Action. This Connection. This Work. This Love. This Friendship. This Care. This Space. This Community. THIS TIME.


We are living through a disruptive, destabilizing, and historic time. In the winter we walked through a door and instantly our lives and the world were turned upside down by the pandemic. So much has been lost or abandoned in the global crisis, but there is so much we can hold onto. 


This time we share.
This space we make.
This community we create. 


The stories we tell have power in the turbulence we are living through. Theatre does not dissolve in these tectonic shifts; it provides a primal source of energy, connection, and change. This fall we will connect, share, reflect, and celebrate to envision and build a better world. 

[in]bodied - March 26th, 2021: 8pm, March 27th, 2021: 11am EST

Written and Directed by Chanel Blanchett • [in]bodied is a physical, visceral exploration of the tension between what is felt in the darkness and what is said in the light. Inhale. Exhale. It is an expression of something and some thing.
Content Warning: stylized violence


A celebration and showing of work developed through our components this year. This year’s 2020-2021 practicums will be showcased via our Vimeo page.

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