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Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Program BA/MFA

Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Program is a community of generous and engaged artists who value diverse, intentional, and rigorous research, process, and creation. We hold each other and ourselves accountable to responsibly challenge ourselves and each other to foster our growth as individuals and collaborative artists. We support innovation, not only in the art we produce but also in the systems we make to learn, share, and create. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that prioritizes equality, care, and experimentation, we aim to create an artistic environment steeped in joy to envision and build a better future. This is an open and inclusive community where everyone is welcome.


The Theatre Program is focused on deep collaboration, community building, and interdisciplinarity. We support performance and theater artists through a curriculum crossing the boundaries of design, acting, directing, management, performing, writing, producing, voice, movement, and much more. Classes are taught by working professionals with the advantage of additional classes in the music and dance programs. 


We hope each student brings their own histories, experiences, and stories into the ecosystem of the program to share in the development of new questions, political urgencies, and social engagement. Together we research and practice theater and performance to expand the possibilities of critical togetherness through body, story, and experience.

Learn more about our Undergraduate Program on the Sarah Lawrence College Official Website

Learn more about our Graduate Program on the Sarah Lawrence College Official Website


A Definitive Guide to Being a Theatre Third at Sarah Lawrence College.

Created through a collaboration between Aardvark and the Creating Community through Musical Theatre Class

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