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Faculty: Lake Simons

Puppetry: Marionette Project

Each student was asked to create a marionette puppet out of what they had on hand in their living area. I tried to plan for the student that had almost nothing on hand. They created puppets out of paperclips, tape, cereal boxes, toilet paper roll inserts, random wood bits, straws, cigarette boxes, and q-tips (just to name a few). I shared with them the common experience of being an artist/puppeteer and not always having the perfect materials on hand to create or complete a project and that often we find ourselves needing to create in circumstances where there are no art supply stores and even if there are, no money in our pockets to buy said supplies. They created wonderful imaginative figures. I am so proud of them and inspired by their perseverance and vision. After they completed their puppets they each created a short sequence and explored the range movement and emotion of their puppet.

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