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Agnes Borinsky - Episode 04.04 SLC Performance Lab

The SLC Performance Lab is produced by and the Sarah Lawrence College MFA Theatre Program. Performance Lab is one of the core components of the program where graduate students work with guest artists and develop group-generated performance experiments. During the course of the year, visiting artists to the MFA Theatre Program's Performance Lab are interviewed after leading a workshop with the MFA cohort.

Agnes Borinsky is interviewed by Jeremy Kadetsky (SLC'23), Zee Hanna (SLC'23) and produced by Chisom Awachie (SLC'23)

Agnes Borinsky is a writer and artist who has collaborated on all sorts of projects in basements, backyards, gardens, circus tents, classrooms, bars, and theaters. Selected plays include A Song of Songs (Bushwick Starr & El Puente), Ding Dong It’s the Ocean (Rady&Bloom), Brief Chronicle, Books 6-8 (i am a slow tide), and Of Government (Clubbed Thumb). She lives in Los Angeles.

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