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First Year Grad Production, 3D Woman Human Launches!

3D Woman Human

Developed by the 1st Year Theatre MFA Students

Available Online Thursday May 7that 7pm through May 15th

Register on EVENTBRITE​ for the Link.

It's the last week of school here at SLC, and the first year grads are going out with a bang with their thoughtful work on 3D Woman Human. 💥🥳 🙌🏼 3D Woman Human is a collection of 13 crazy awesome original and personal video pieces that'll make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel all the other feelings too, so make sure to check it out! Available Online Thursday, May 7th at 7pm thru May 15th

We are thrilled to present 3D Woman Human, the final project for Contemporary Collaborative Performance, a class comprised of our first year MFA candidates. For this project, we endeavored to adapt to the Covid-19 Pandemic by adjusting our largely collaborative process of making original theatre to create a series of short, unique, and personal video pieces assembled with a similar level of inquiry. We structured the process so that each person would be a lead artist/creator/writer with another colleague serving as a director and outside eye. Some folks opted to create small solo works as well, as inspiration and time allowed. Developed in the core first year grad component Contemporary Collaborative Performance, Professor David Neumann states, "I’m very proud of their work and found the process of watching them develop deeply inspiring. We hope you find them engaging, too. Thanks for watching."

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