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3D Woman Human

By The 1st Year Theatre MFA Candidates


Program Note


An Invasive Nature

A young woman’s body is taken over.

Creator / Performer: Karen Loewy Movilla

Director: Chanel Blanchett

Special Thanks: Conner Garrison,

Content Warning: Talk of Death, very bad fake blood


Alternate B-Universe.  

A toy-theatre Ode to Olivia Gatwood’s Alternate Universe poem

Director & Performer: Karen Loewy Movilla



The ocean, slow motion running, sexy lady, who could ask for anything more? 

Director/Performer: Sarah Sterling

Director of Photography: Jeff Sterling

Special Thanks: David, Amanda, Amelia, Maggie, Kyrie, Chanel B, Ally, Karen, Chanel S, Jeff Sterling


Bowl Me Over

Minnie Pearl, Cowboys, John Prine, and Bowling. She needs a strike or she’ll lose! 

Creator / Performer: Amanda Card

Director: Ally Thomas

Special Thanks: Lake Simons & Dan Hurlin



Group collaboration inspired by the fabulous Kate Bush. We dance, we live, we continue to create.

Director: Chanel Smith

Performers: Amanda Card, Amelia Bethel, Ally Thomas, Chanel Blanchett, Chanel Smith, David Neumann, Karen Loewy Movilla, Kyrie Ellison, Margaret Campbell, Sarah Sterling 



An exploration of productivity through paper and pen. 

Creator / Performer: Ally Thomas

Director: Karen Loewy Movilla

Spoken Text sources: Alexis Rockley, Tania Pescador



One door closes, another one opens. 

Creator / Performer: Kyrie Ellison

Director: Sarah Sterling

Special Thanks: Dan Keller


flip book

Unexpectedly moving back in with your parents - it can be rough. Feels like high school all over again.

Writer / Performer: Amelia Bethel

Director: Kyrie Ellison

Special thanks:  Paul Bethel, Kathy Fleming, Connor Bethel, & whoever made the yearbooks at El Camino Fundamental HS in Sacramento, CA between 2005-2009


I Know That You Are Magic

A Projected Collage

Director & Performer: Amanda Card

Special Thanks: John Prine & David Neumann


It killed the crab grass. 

An exploration.

Director / Performer: Kyrie Ellison

Original music by Dan Keller & Kyrie Ellison

Content Warning: Suggestive content


Life’s A Beach

Eloise has appeared on a beach in Melbourne Florida. She just wants her Dad to know she’s fine. 

Creator/ Performer: Sarah Sterling

Director: Amanda Card

Special Thanks: Jeff Sterling, David, Amanda, Amelia, Maggie, Kyrie, Chanel B, Ally, Karen, Chanel S


Ships: 2 A.M.

A story about things made of paper.

Creator / Performer: Chanel Blanchett


The World Is Green

The world doesn’t make sense, but we are all in it together.

Creator: Margaret Campbell

Director: Amelia Bethel

Special Thanks: Amelia, Amanda, Dan, David, Dave, Clark, Jules, Karen, Kyrie, Sarah, Brooklyn, Caroline, Liza, and Chanel.

Content Warning: Talk about COVID19, Sickness, and Death


Zoom Livingl

The current existence.

Creator / Performer: Chanel Smith

Director: Margaret Campbel


SPECIAL THANKS : To Sarah Lawrence Faculty and Production Office, Caden Manson, Neelam Vaswani, Bri Weintraub, Susan Sears, Stephen Tyler Davis, David Neumann and everyone who helped facilitate the production of  3-D Woman Human.

Oh and Kate Bush. 

Program Note

Like everyone, Contemporary Collaborative Performance, a class comprised of our first year Theater MFA candidates, has had to re-configure our entire approach to making work. That is, the work of making theatre in collaboration. We’ve shifted our focus from one that takes into account the energy that exists when people assemble in the same room—a physical, social, and sensual/sensory experience, to essentially creating artistic tv with smartphones. It’s a new day, indeed, and we embraced the challenge in a couple of ways.

As professor, I endeavored to keep the focus on the creative process, paying attention to our personal experience while embracing what resources were at hand. We wanted to retain a certain level of rigor in our practice while still making something that was personal, unique, and born of our shared experience. In the context of a theatre course, it is practicing this rigorous process that matters. To that end, we structured the class so that each person was a lead artist/creator/writer with a colleague as director and outside-eye. Some folks opted to create small solo works as well, as inspiration and time allowed. As I am not a professor of TV production, we made the choice to keep things simple, making brave choices without too much fuss. We worked with what we had, and focused on how we could articulate our ideas within this strictly visual and aural form.

And so, I am very proud to present “3-D Woman Human”, a collection of digital art pieces, assembled through the lens of making theater. On a personal note, I’ve found the process of watching these projects develop deeply inspiring and even hopeful as I might be watching our art form grow new limbs. Thanks for taking the time to watch.

I close with a recent quote from one of my favorite performers, Neal Medlyn: “I hope everyone is safely difficult in these times.”

~David Neumann

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